List number of connections per client on a redis server

The redis-client client list command allows you to list all clients connected to a redis server (along with a bunch of other useful information listed here Here’s a quick command to allow you to list the number of connections per client: ./redis-cli client list | awk -F'[ =:]’ ‘{print $4}’ | sort | uniq -c

Block Ads using dnsmasq – Synology

DNSMasq is a very light-weight DNS server that is perfectly suited to run on low power home appliances like NAS devices or routers running custom firmware. The script below pulls ad blocking host files from 3 different providers and combines them to use as a DNSMasq resolver file. Here is the script – it can […]

Get complete ESX Host inventory from VCenter

This is a handy little script that gives you a complete list of all hosts and some pertinent information about them including Config Issues reported by VCenter. The script saves all this information to a CSV file and emails the contents of that file in a formatted table to the email address you specify. Let […]

Find space consumed by a Thin Provisioned vmdk

Here’s some fun commands to get some stats on Thin provisioned disks. To find out the actual space consumed on disk (in GB): To find out the total space provisioned (in GB): Percent not used: