Find space consumed by a Thin Provisioned vmdk

Here’s some fun commands to get some stats on Thin provisioned disks.

To find out the actual space consumed on disk (in GB):

stat <filename-flat>.vmdk | grep Size: | awk '{print (($4*512)/(1024*1024*1024))}'

To find out the total space provisioned (in GB):

stat <filename-flat>.vmdk | grep Size: | awk '{print ($2/(1024*1024*1024))}'

Percent not used:

stat <filename-flat>.vmdk | grep Size: | awk '{print ((($2/(1024*1024*1024))-($4*512)/(1024*1024*1024))/($2/(1024*1024*1024)))*100}'


You can convert 512 byte blocks to kilobytes by dividing them by 2
so the operation can be shortened to
awk ‘{print (($4)/(2*1024*1024))}’

Just for horror 🙂

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