VMWare (11)

Get complete ESX Host inventory from VCenter

This is a handy little script that gives you a complete list of all hosts and some pertinent information about them including Config Issues reported by VCenter. The script saves all this information to a CSV file and emails the contents of that file in a formatted table to the email address you specify. Let […]

Find space consumed by a Thin Provisioned vmdk

Here’s some fun commands to get some stats on Thin provisioned disks. To find out the actual space consumed on disk (in GB): To find out the total space provisioned (in GB): Percent not used:

Get total size of all delta files on a datastore

This quick one liner give you the total size in GB of all delta files in a vmware datastore. Run this from an ssh session from the root of the datastore. Here’s the one liner:

Simultaneously reboot all vApps in a vSphere datacenter

If you manage a large number of vApps in a vSphere datacenter and have to reboot them on a scheduled basis, you might not want to do it manually. This script helps you schedule the task easily. BIG WARNING: This script is designed to run with no interaction so that it runs in the middle […]