Get total size of all delta files on a datastore

This quick one liner give you the total size in GB of all delta files in a vmware datastore. Run this from an ssh session from the root of the datastore. Here’s the one liner:

Get local domain controller in current AD site

Sometimes when you run scripts that rely on AD replication for subsequent steps to be successful, you will be better off not relying on AD replication but just running all commands against a single Domain Controller. This handy little one-liner will help you assign a local domain controller to a variable and then use it […]

Powershell Script to report on Exchange 2010 Distribution Lists

This powershell script allows you to create a report for a bunch of distribution lists that match a certain criteria. In an example here, if you want to search your entire exchange organization for all DLs (static and dynamic) that contain the word “sales”, the script would return the following information. The name of the […]

Powershell app to send media links to XBMC

XBMC is probably the most versatile HTPC platform out there. I have a Raspberry Pi at home running Raspbmc and I love it. I have it hooked up to my TV via HDMI and I use my TV remote to navigate around XBMC (Raspbmc has CEC support). I use the Yatse Remote app to control it and send […]