Simultaneously reboot all vApps in a vSphere datacenter

If you manage a large number of vApps in a vSphere datacenter and have to reboot them on a scheduled basis, you might not want to do it manually. This script helps you schedule the task easily. BIG WARNING: This script is designed to run with no interaction so that it runs in the middle […]

Populate Outlook Suggested Contacts from Sent Items

The smart guys over at wrote this amazing script that helps populate your Outlook Suggested Contacts folder by parsing emails you sent. This works very well, however, there was a minor issue where it does not correctly handle a case where the Display Name is blank. In such a case, the script imports the […]

Powershell Bulk Import Root Certificates to local computer store

If you ever had the need to import a bunch of root certificates to the local computer store, then you know how time consuming the manual process can be. This script helps you do the following: Import all Root Certificates in a directory – including sub directories. The Root Certificates can be placed in a network […]

Lync 2010 – Checking prerequisite Wmf2008R2…installing…failure code 3

You might get this error when installing Lync 2010 server on a server running Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1. This error happens because the installer has not been updated to work with this version of Windows. As a work around, enable the Windows Desktop Experience pack using server manager, reboot and try the installation again. […]