Reboot server if it runs too low on physical memory and is swapping too much

I had an old workstation lying around at home that I used as a caching dns server. This server had very little memory to begin with and would sometimes OOM on me when I was not at home. This was an unnecessary headache, so I wrote a script to reboot the server if it had […]

Send E-Mail using Powershell

Below is a standard powershell function that you can drop into any script you are creating to send email reports from it. There are 3 distinct parts to this script. Part 1 – Contains user editable values that you would use to specify parameters used by the script. Part 2 – Is the actual function […]

Storage vMotion with Multiple Datastores

One of the problems with using tiered storage used to be that when a VM with disks on different datastores was Storage vMotioned, the disks would end up on a single datastore. The simple solution to this is to use the ‘Advanced’ option when using Storage vMotion. It allows you to granularly control where each […]

How to recover Public Folders – Exchange server 2010

The process of recovering an Exchange public folder can be the cause of a lot of pain as it almost always is a very difficult and painstaking process. However, laid out here is a process that works extremely well if you are using Exchange 2010 SP2. This process does not involve restoring datastores or restoring […]